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Spinning for myself… Like a Virgin…

July 2, 2011

Spinning with the intent to keep the yarn for myself is far different then when I spin to sell the yarn. When I am spinning for the yarn to be sold in the shop, I’m always thinking about the person who will buy it… always thinking ahead to how it will keep as a single ply, if I should ply it with a solid, or against itself… how it will handle.  Now I’m thinking… oh this color will be beautiful against the other in the knit… I can imagine how it will blend in the pattern (Which I’ve officially chosen BTW– The Hitchhiker a fave of my friend and knitting partner Sara– she has made a couple shawlettes with this pattern including one with one of my handspun yarns which kinda sealed the deal for me).

I still don’t know if I will ply this or not… I’m leaning towards not plying b/c I think it will knit up so pretty as single threads of color.  An homage to it’s name’s inspiratiion…

Either way, this spinning for myself thing has become a battle of the mind for me… constantly questioning myself.   I need to settle down and just spin…

Hoping that will come soon…


Spinning for myself… Getting to it.

June 28, 2011

My "distraction"... my sweet nephew Carter

Well… while on vacation, I forgot how hard it is to find time for yourself 🙂  Well, not exactly, but so far our vacation has been so full and so fun it’s been hard to find time to just sit. Visting family, getting to know my sweet new nephew Carter and visiting the local zoo with the family. And now of course I’ve been given a fiber-y bit of distraction.  My dad took me to a local llama farm and I bought a pound of roving… its gorgeous and so soft… can’t wait to spin this up… but it will have to wait just a bit.  If I start on this, I may never get a chance to spin my intended roving.

Speaking of my roving…

It’s a gorgeous cashmere blend.  Now, I didn’t dye this blend myself, I purchased it from friend and local fiberista Stephanie Stratton of LunabudKnits.  She and I met through etsy a couple years ago as we were the only two fiber artists at the time on our Bluegrass Etsy team.  She is an amazing dyer and spinner.  I bought one of her merino rovings through etsy which at the time was unnamed and she let me name the colorway.  “Monet’s Muse” was born.  So when I saw that the colorway was now on a cashmere blend… I had instant fiber lust.   It’s now mine… and has been sitting on my shelf for a little over a month, staring at me… wanting to be spun… so now, challenged to knit my own handspun for myself… Here I go!

The pre-draft has begun…

Vacation Challenge…Spinning for myself…

June 25, 2011

The gauntlet has been thrown.  Well… sorta.

I have been challenged a few of my knitters to knit for myself while on vacation.  Put aside the endless knits for the shop, set aside all my knits for gifts and loved ones and just enjoy knitting with myself in mind.  Not an easy task for me.  I had confessed that although I spin my own yarns, I have never knit one of those yarns for myself.  And I’m not alone.  Many people I’ve met through the shop love to knit, but have a hard time keeping the treasures for themselves.

I have knit with intent to keep many times, not my handspun mind you, but other beautiful yarns… all the time thinking I can’t wait to wear this/show this off… and almost as soon as I bind off, I know exactly who it’s supposed to go to, or exactly where in my shop I would display the item for sale.

This time I am pledging to be different. I am about to leave on vacation… shut down the shop in celebration of Independence Day and I’m taking this challenge with me I have a good idea of which fiber I’ll be choosing.  So I’m packin’ the kick spindle.  I’ll be perusing Ravelry for just the right pattern and I will spin and knit for myself.

Never enough time…

June 5, 2011

Here I sit, a week away from a festival (Winchester, Kentucky’s Annual Beer Cheese Festival) and life’s been working hard to distract me.  I’ve got new pattern ideas flying through my brain, new knitted items coming off the needles and sick babies all around.  Mr. Man #3 was hit the worst I’m afraid.  He couldn’t shake a high fever all week, was lethargic and clingier than a baby koala on a windy day!   The shop’s been closed more than open all week and although I hate to disappoint, it is what makes owning your own business awesome!

We are planning a little surprise family trip to Covington, KY on Tuesday (Summer hours at the shop rock.) and so I’m trying to plan ahead accordingly for my travel knitting!  I’m currently working on kid’s hats, so most likely I’ll be taking my circulars and saving room in the knitting bag for colorful yarns and getting a bunch of kids knits done!

Also!  In the “How-Do-I-Go-About-Trying-This” Craft section of my brain, I have just picked up several burlap coffee sacks from our local roastery- Creative Coffees and I can’t wait to cut them up and upcycle them into project bags.

Time to get back to playing sick-nurse.

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2011

April 30, 2011

Oh yes… it’s getting closer!  One of my favorite days of the year!  World Wide Knit In Public Day!!  It also helps that the day also falls on our town’s annual Beer Cheese Festival.  It’s a wonderful combination of celebrations.  Both of local food and fare and the celebration of the community that knitting and handmade crafts builds!

This year we will be having door prizes, appetizers and a few guest vendors here in the shop!   We will be running some great yarn sales as well as having a few workshops throughout the day!  Bring your knitting, a chair and a friend and join us for some fun!  Make a day of it and also enjoy the entertainment, great food and festivities of the Beer Cheese Festival.

Normal parking will not be available as Main Street will be closed to through traffic so that you may walk freely along the street, but special parking lots, both free and paid will be available as well as a trolley service!

Join us and Knit in Public! 🙂

Knit In Night!!

April 18, 2011

Hello everyone!  I wanted to remind you that we will be having our monthly Knit-In tomorrow night at the shop!  Just a night to come together and knit on whatever project we have going, or start a new one, and to gain inspiration from one another!

Tomorrow night is special as we will be kicking off our “Knitty-Bitty” knitting project!  We are going to be knitting preemie hats for UK’s NICU and full term baby hats for Clark County’s New Beginnings Pregnancy Center.  If you haven’t already picked up your free skein of baby yarn for the project, you can pick it up tomorrow night!  You can also pick up a copy of the pattern as well!

Bring a favorite snack and settle in for some unadulterated knitting time!   We also will have the pleasure of  having Winchester’s very own Creative Coffee (roasted right here on Main Street!!) in the shop tomorrow night!  Hope to see you then!! 🙂

P.S.  As an extra incentive… our favorite Fair Trade yarn, Darn Good Yarn is back in stock and you will get the first dibs on our gorgeous selection of Recycled Sari Silk, Banana Fiber, and felted beads–new to Sarabee’s!

Sock it to Me Slouchy Hat

April 12, 2011

So I got this super cute Mary Maxim yarn in the shop the other day and I thought I would be chomping at the bit to knit them into socks… but for some reason it just sat there and stared at me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Beautiful Superwash Merino, gemstone colors (the one I picked out was Peridot, natch.) and for some reason I was just not knitting it into socks. Before Christmas, I got into a slouchy hat craze.  Knit quite a few for orders and gifts. so I decided it was time to make a few patterns of my own.

The Sock It to Me Slouchy Hat is a very simple pattern allowing for the beauty of the yarn to do all the talking.  It can be knit on DPNs or on circulars… if you weren’t too picky about seams, you could even knit it flat.  Just grab your favorite sock yarn, just 225-250 yards will do ya, some sz 3-4 needles.


Sock It to Me