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The Love Squares Project

March 27, 2012

Hello friends! Sorry so long in getting this up there! SOOO much has been happening with this square project… I was not prepared for the amazing outpouring of love and talent that has come in!

So… just to catch everyone up. Early this month, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee were hit with tornados and terrible storms. West Liberty, Kentucky was one of the worst hit within our state and that night watching the news come in about the storms, I knew I wanted to do something, just had no definition of what it was.

The next morning, a friend of mine and fellow LYS owner, Stephanie Stratton of A Tangled Yarn posted that she was going to knit and collect squares to be made into blankets and taken to West Liberty. THIS WAS IT!!! I didn’t want to step on her toes, but emailed her to see if our shops located in towns on opposite sides of Lexington, could join together on this project and if I could help spread the word. She said “The more the merrier!!” and away we went!

Within an hour of posting the idea, I had over 20 responses, either on the phone or online! And here just a little over 2 weeks after the project launched, I’ve received squares from GA, UT, CA, MI, IN, TX, MA, WI, NC and KY… I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed… but I hope we can get some from every state!!

We are so amazed by the outpouring of support! Keep them coming!  Please “Like” us on Facebook!



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