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Clean up…

February 7, 2012

Part of my “get your stuff together” list for 2012 was to get some of my creativity organized.  I’m supra-right brained, so organization is not my forte.  But… I’m completely capable of it.  There are those creative geniuses that simply cannot get organized… but for me, it’s about effort.  I like to do it just to prove to the left brained that it’s possible… just to show off.  I don’t stay that way long, but just to show that they aren’t better than me… I’ll put a little effort into organizing.  And just to be sure these left brained organizing ego maniacs aren’t real people in my life (my sweet left brained husband breathes a sigh of relief).  They are fictional people who’s presence I feel, but who are completely imaginary.  They are my Jiminy Crickets… my organizational conscience.  The voice that says “You should have this down by now… you should know better… did you save that doc before closing it just to get it off your screen?”  It’s the same voice that began following me in third grade when my teacher made me clean out my (very) messy desk in front of the whole class while I cried only to remember that I was absent on the day the missing paper was handed out.  But I’m in my thirties now… I was supposed to understand how important keeping receipts in the same place each time was.  I was supposed to remember in each moment how vital keeping a clean workspace is.  

But eh, I’m starting to realize that I need to find my own way.  I organize and clean when I need to… I have a filing system of my own and really… I don’t care if others can find their way around… why are they going through my stuff anyway?  I just don’t want to uselessly collect, no hoarding for this girl–I simply don’t have time for it… I want to be able to find what I need when I need it and I want to be able to present it in a way that shows who I am.

So… I’ve begun to go through all my digital files.  I’ve found that I collect junk even on my computer.  My designs are often quickly typed out or sketched out on paper and then left to wither away in my hard drive never to see needles or the light of day.

I’ve designed a pretty layout for my patterns and started getting everything all organized and shiny.  Making myself Ravelry and Pinterest ready.  If I’m going to design… then others should be able to see what I’ve made.  No more keeping myself piled in and secret.   So to show myself off… I’ve got to spit shine just a bit.


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