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All is still…

August 2, 2011

It’s a rare morning that I am up before my children in  the summer time.  Usually, I linger in bed… my two year old seems to find his way in sometime each night so the early morning snuggles are sweet.  It’s usually him who begs me to get out from under my blanket and go downstairs.  Just so you don’t think I’m as lazy or irresponsible as that may sound, this is all usually by 7:30 at the latest.

Now that it is August though, I’m needing to get my tail in gear.  This year there will be two little men to get ready for school each morning, not including the big man who will need to get out the door for his last year of seminary.  We are a family on the go.  I recently had my “breakdown” over watching my middle son grow to be a school supply consumer.  It’s going to be hard to watch them both walk into school each day, but I am excited as well.  Liam is hardly ever without Lukas… this will be good for him to both be with him and to also make new peer friends and  have some time to flourish outside of his brothers shadow.  They are each so wildly different and yet so watchful of one another.  They fight like the dickens, but if you were to ask them who there best friend is… it will be their brother every time.  I LOVE that.

So this morning my house is still.  I got up, had some quiet moments alone on the back porch swing, just me, God, a book and the breeze.

As far as a knitting bit this morning… I’ve actually got this going right now…

It’s a leafy lace scarf pattern that I’m hoping to finish off and get uploaded to ravelry soon.  I need to get a few other of my patterns gussied up and pretty-fied to put up there too.  Those will be free.  This one will be a few dollars to download, but it’s beautiful!  I am thinking of adding a ribbon accent to the edges… we shall see!!   It’s knit with the beautiful new Kentucky Blue Fiber Company local alpaca yarn I have in the shop.  Amazing colors!!  It’s so very soft and has been a dream to knit with.  Even as I’ve been working on this pattern and have had to rip out and start over, the yarn has kept it’s loft, it’s not felted up on me or gotten frizzy.  It’s great yarn!!   Anyway… there’s my knitting plug for this post.  I’m off to enjoy a second cup of coffee and seeing as my boys are still sleeping, I may just go read some more…

Uh-oh… is that little feet I hear padding down the hallway?… the day begins.

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