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Spinning for myself… Like a Virgin…

July 2, 2011

Spinning with the intent to keep the yarn for myself is far different then when I spin to sell the yarn. When I am spinning for the yarn to be sold in the shop, I’m always thinking about the person who will buy it… always thinking ahead to how it will keep as a single ply, if I should ply it with a solid, or against itself… how it will handle.  Now I’m thinking… oh this color will be beautiful against the other in the knit… I can imagine how it will blend in the pattern (Which I’ve officially chosen BTW– The Hitchhiker a fave of my friend and knitting partner Sara– she has made a couple shawlettes with this pattern including one with one of my handspun yarns which kinda sealed the deal for me).

I still don’t know if I will ply this or not… I’m leaning towards not plying b/c I think it will knit up so pretty as single threads of color.  An homage to it’s name’s inspiratiion…

Either way, this spinning for myself thing has become a battle of the mind for me… constantly questioning myself.   I need to settle down and just spin…

Hoping that will come soon…

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