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Vacation Challenge…Spinning for myself…

June 25, 2011

The gauntlet has been thrown.  Well… sorta.

I have been challenged a few of my knitters to knit for myself while on vacation.  Put aside the endless knits for the shop, set aside all my knits for gifts and loved ones and just enjoy knitting with myself in mind.  Not an easy task for me.  I had confessed that although I spin my own yarns, I have never knit one of those yarns for myself.  And I’m not alone.  Many people I’ve met through the shop love to knit, but have a hard time keeping the treasures for themselves.

I have knit with intent to keep many times, not my handspun mind you, but other beautiful yarns… all the time thinking I can’t wait to wear this/show this off… and almost as soon as I bind off, I know exactly who it’s supposed to go to, or exactly where in my shop I would display the item for sale.

This time I am pledging to be different. I am about to leave on vacation… shut down the shop in celebration of Independence Day and I’m taking this challenge with me I have a good idea of which fiber I’ll be choosing.  So I’m packin’ the kick spindle.  I’ll be perusing Ravelry for just the right pattern and I will spin and knit for myself.

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