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Never enough time…

June 5, 2011

Here I sit, a week away from a festival (Winchester, Kentucky’s Annual Beer Cheese Festival) and life’s been working hard to distract me.  I’ve got new pattern ideas flying through my brain, new knitted items coming off the needles and sick babies all around.  Mr. Man #3 was hit the worst I’m afraid.  He couldn’t shake a high fever all week, was lethargic and clingier than a baby koala on a windy day!   The shop’s been closed more than open all week and although I hate to disappoint, it is what makes owning your own business awesome!

We are planning a little surprise family trip to Covington, KY on Tuesday (Summer hours at the shop rock.) and so I’m trying to plan ahead accordingly for my travel knitting!  I’m currently working on kid’s hats, so most likely I’ll be taking my circulars and saving room in the knitting bag for colorful yarns and getting a bunch of kids knits done!

Also!  In the “How-Do-I-Go-About-Trying-This” Craft section of my brain, I have just picked up several burlap coffee sacks from our local roastery- Creative Coffees and I can’t wait to cut them up and upcycle them into project bags.

Time to get back to playing sick-nurse.

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