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January 11, 2011

Here we sit 10 days into 2011, and I’m honestly already at the deliberating stage of “do I really want to do any of these silly resolutions?!”.  I do sincerely want change in my life.  I sincerely do want my life to be a better reflection of who I am… I’m just still in a survival mode from the holiday rush.  My mind never really slowed down between gift ideas, ideas for our home, ideas for the shop, new patterns, new products… the ever growing worry of doing my dreaded taxes for my first year of being a small business owner.  wow.  Just wow.  My mind is spinning slightly just at the typing of all of those things.  I desire simplicity and order and structure and routine, but the right-brained creative side of me is a mess.  There is beauty in my chaos.  Somewhere at least. 


Anyway.  My goals for 2011 are simple.

For the shop:  I want to learn to organize my time and my papers.  By doing those two things I will worry less and knit more!

For my home: I want to be present more.  I want to speak more words of love to my family.  I want to slow down and enjoy moments.  I want to take more pictures.  Candid non-posed pictures.  I will do that just as soon as I can get my stupid camera over to Best Buy (fingers crossed that its broken and that I can get a new one).  I want to cook more.  I want to eat more healthy food… less meals out!  And I want to learn not to yell.  I’m a yeller from waaaay back.  One of my least favorite qualities.  I’m a thirty year old woman… I’m  going to start acting like a civilized one.

Oh and of course… the always obligatory, lose weight.   I just want to be healthy.  Don’t care if I’m ever pre-baby weight as long as I can keep up with my babies and feel good! 

And then last but not least… I want to blog more.  Record more memories… capture more life. 

We shall see… bring on 2011! 

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