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February 9, 2010

I am cold… it has been a spastic winter here in Kentucky.  A couple big snows (for my Chicago and Michigan family–we got a light dusting)  and it has just stayed bitterly cold.  We’re all anxiously awaiting Spring.  I give no credence to that silly vermin in Pennsylvania… I want Spring now Phil.  Not in 6 more weeks…. NOW.  I don’t take my forecasts from a rodent.

Anyway.  Besides being frozen by the winter… I’m also fighting off the atrophy of my mind.  There are so many details both great and small surrounding this grand opening.  There’s a seemingly unending list of chores and to-do’s… it exausts me to even think about listing them here for you.  I’m also very close, in my estimation, to losing my ever-lovin’ mind.  I’m starting to lose things… and for those who know me well, you are asking how this is different from every other day… well.  It just is. I’m losing small things and large things.  I’m setting down an elephant and forgetting where I put it.  So my list of to-do’s gets longer with each ‘find where you laid down so-and-so’.  Uhg.  I have heard this isn’t that uncommon when starting a life-changing venture… so I’ve buckled in and just rely heavily on the Good Lord for helping me to find and bind my loose ends and for the grace to overcome the ones I won’t remember until next month.   But it will be great… I’m looking very forward to the 20th.  It’s going to be spectacular! 🙂

We had our first “preview” night.  Our downtown held their semi-annual wine tasting event “Wine about Winter”.  It was wonderful.  I had local wunderkind artist Desiree Rowe with iheartsmiles in my shop… if you need some amazing photographic design cards done right– check her out!  We had an amazing turn out and response from the town!  I love it!  It’s an exciting time in downtown Winchester!

So off I go now… to fight the freeze… knock some more things off that ever growing list!

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