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30 before 30…

January 21, 2010

30 things I’d like to do before I turn 30… some of these things have already been completed and as I only have 7 more months before i turn 30… I should get movin’ on the others!!

  1. Knit a sweater
  2. Reach 100 Etsy Sales
  3. Read Jane Austen’s Collection (1/2 way through)
  4. Memorize 30 Scriptures
  5. Knit 5 pairs of socks
  6. Lose 45 lbs (10 to go!!!)
  7. Open my LYS (this is kinda a cheat–it opens next month)
  8. Purchase my first spinning wheel
  9. Learn to spin on a wheel
  10. Become a better snail mail penpal
  11. Learn to keep my house organized
  12. Attempt to become a runner (note… attempt)
  13. Learn to write my patterns in produceable form
  14. Teach Lukas to tie his shoes
  15. Learn better patience with my boys
  16. Take a class at the Art Guild
  17. Join the local Art Guild
  18. Use twitter regularly (follow me @sarabeedesigns)
  19. Learn to cook 5 classic southern dishes
  20. Reduce my home’s waste output
  21. Participate in my local craft festival
  22. Landscape my front yard and learn to garden
  23. Begin a community knitting project
  24. Learn to play my guitar
  25. Learn to play a whole song on the piano
  26. Crochet an afghan
  27. Teach 50 people to knit (25 to go!)
  28. Learn to eat healthier
  29. Read 5 chapter books to the boys
  30. Host a fondue party (including learning more about fondue!)
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