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Dream On

December 27, 2009

It is really happening.  It is really happening!!

I love our downtown.  Winchester Kentucky has a historic Main Street… storefronts, cafes and even our historic Leed’s Theatre make it such a unique and inviting street.  As a

knitter, spinner and all around fiber artist, it has been my dream to own a shop downtown where not only could one buy yarns, but also learn and share their love of the craft.   A gathering place to sit and knit, crack a book, enjoy a cup of tea, learn new techniques…
When we moved here it was just not the time, nor the season in our lives to start such a venture.  So instead, I joined, an online handmade marketplace and started dying and spinning my own line of yarns.  After a year and a half building my business there, my desire and passion to have my own shop was just fueled even more.

Through an amazing series of events, I have secured by dream location downtown and will be getting all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed to make this dream a reality.  I’m hoping for a Jan 30th grand opening… more details to come as we usher in 2010!

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