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Christmas, Christmas Time is Here…

December 19, 2009

We’ve been singing along with the old school Chipmunks Christmas all week around my house.  My little guys LOVE the chipmunks… I think that’s b/c they see themselves as their counterparts… Lukas… so wise… is easily Simon… Liam… very very much my cute trouble maker… he’s definitely Alvin.  And Landon… well my little tub of love just loves to eat… so Theodore…definitely.

Christmas time is here in my shop as well!  I’ve been trying to keep the yarns rotating between Dreaming Tree (the actual brick and mortar store I’m honored to be featured in) and  That way people can stay excited about fresh offerings in both locales.  I’ve been a busy little elf filling custom orders for the holidays.  Its been wonderful!

Also, on my dear husband’s birthday I received a present!  A spot on’s Front Page!!  It’s a huge honor to catch the eye of other artists and to be chosen for the front page… well that just rocked my socks.  Or rather rocked my roving… as that was what was chosen!  Woo hoo!  That’s twice this year and once more than my goal! 🙂   That’s my Harvest Moon roving there on the bottom row, center.

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