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New beginnings…

November 6, 2009

DSC04109I got to stop by today and see Desiree for a few minutes on the Grand Opening Day!  So very exciting!


  She was such a busy little bee!  They may need to invest in a revolving door!  There was traffic the whole time I was there.  So very cool!  It was so neat to see their dream come to fruition and neat to be able to share in just a few moments of that.   After all the hard work, time, planning… it’s paid off!  There’s so much to look at… so much to buy!   It’s a brilliant store… a brilliant idea come to life! Having a display in this store is an absolute honor.

There’s been so many cool things happening lately.  Life affirming things.  I love love love the fall.  Not so much a fan of the time change.  I used to adore that “extra” hour of sleep… but now I have children.  Children who can’t tell time or appreciate the extra cherished moments of rest (or any moments of rest for that matter!).  


 But I do get to catch small moments like this… a quiet moment, coffee in hand with my husband… watching the moon set where we usually see the sun do the same dance.  I love fall.  I don’t mind the cool weather… crisp air and red leaves are totally worth it.  

Autumn is such an unique season… it stands starkly in the face of summer.  Even in the loom of the impending unknown of winter, it dares to be outrageously beautiful.  Wild colors and cool weather that cause us to snuggle closer to our loved ones, but doesn’t completely drive us inside… allowing us to enjoy the sights. 

I love fall.  Love love love.  New things.  Boldness and beauty in the face of the unknown.

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  1. November 6, 2009 1:49 pm

    Thanks so much for all the support! You make our shop special!!! We are so lucky to have such and AWESOME woman and artist in our crafty family!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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