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I have a confession…

November 2, 2009

I’m kinda a blog stalker… In high school I was more than slightly obsessive and if there are two things I have to be thankful didn’t exist in my world then it would be “Twilight” (those poor boys I dated–they had enough expectations to -not- live up to) and blogs.  I could have seriously become a crazed stalker… I think calling someone 8 times and hanging up was all I could handle (this also was without caller ID!).  

Before you worry too much about my mental state this morning… I’m putting my blogsessiveness to good use.  I’m gaining inspiration.  I love craft blogs… I seriously LOVE them.  Right now of course, the ones who I read the most are other spinners and knitters.  I’m finding right now that a select group I’m drawn to are these hardcore, sassy, edgy people who are making some amazing creations.  They have become my superstars… SnowberryandLime, YarnZombie, TravelingRhinos, SpinCycle…they all are very inspiratonal and I love getting a glimpse into their thoughts.  I would seriously ask most of these people for their autographs!

It pushes me forward to make more things… to take more pictures… to dream more vibrantly!  It also makes me want to learn, it makes me want to share…makes me want to be a spinning rockstar too! 🙂

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