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my apologies…

June 27, 2009

This is the second saturday in a row with no saturday spotlight… things have been rather busy around here as of late.  Today we spent time with friends in the Natural Bridge State Park for a birthday party.  It was lovely. If you haven’t been up to that area of Kentucky… you really are missing out.  I am blessed to live as close as I do (although ashamed to say it’s the first time in a long time I’ve been back that way) I personally can’t wait until the fall when it starts getting all autumnal :).   There will be plenty of pictures then and skeins of yarn to match I’m very sure!

None the less… no spotlight today… I’m still networking as much as I can and trying to get more types of shops and artists to interview.   I’m also currently reworking some of my questions… can’t keep it one way too long now!

I’m busy spinning away… just got done with an amazing skein… I’m naming it ‘Derby Pie’ as it’s rich with creamy caramel merino and blended with dark cocoa alpaca… lovely.  I was originally planning on plying it, but it is so soft, I’m going to just leave it a thin super soft single.   It’s 198 yards total… would make a beautiful lacy scarf…

I have actually about 15 new skeins… each so different, but I’m trying to decide what gets listed online and what gets saved for inventory for the show.  I will be listing some new yarns soon….I still have SO much to dye up… lots of super soft cotton yarn… sock yarn… wool and silk blends.  Then there’s the new fibers I bought to dye up… superwash merino (which means it’s treated so you can wash it without ruining or felting it)… bamboo (I’m very excited to dye this up!!)… corriedale and bfl and alpaca!  Lots of dying to do!!

Anyway… so I’m keeping busy (and none of that is even including my wonderful boys– the news on that front is that #3 is mobile now!!  Landon officially started crawling this week… meaning all proceeds of my etsy shop this month go towards getting my carpet steam cleaned!! :).  The dear husband is keeping busy.  He’s on an internship with our church this summer which he’s loving, still busting out awesome coffee drinks at the ‘Bucks and we’re trying to keep the weeds out of the tobacco fields.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we can all get a good nap in… catch up with each other and relax a bit 🙂

Anyway… pictures of the yarn stash coming soon! 🙂

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  1. June 27, 2009 11:01 pm

    You are amazing! Hope you get some good quality time with the hubby tom.

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