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Saturday Spotlight: MayleesGarden

June 13, 2009

saturdayspotlightAs a mom of three boys, one luxury I permit myself is sweet smelling soaps and lotions (with as much testosterone as I have in my house… I deserve something!! 🙂 lol).  Through the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team (of which I’m a proud artisan member!) I met Libby.  In her shop MayleesGarden (named after her ultra adorable daughter!) She makes a wonderful assortment of vegan friendly, amazingly luxurious soaps.  All types of scents, sure to please any nose.   She’s also an amazing seamstress and specifically sews for the plus size hippie mama in her other shop AurorasGarden.

Onto the questioning!! 🙂

Hi Libby!! How did you first learn about etsy? From my good friend Kelly (Http:// ) She came from ebay over to Etsy and I came on over too. We were all disgusted with the price hike over there in 2006 so we flipped em off and joined Etsy LOL

How long have you been an estian? Since 2006

How long have you been practicing your craft? I been sewing on a professional scale since 2005 and I been making soap on a professional scale since 2007. I knew how to sew when I was a young lady, mom taught me how to help with her soft sculpture dolls when I was about 7 or so. I know how to make a really good doll face! I can make knee dimples and a cute little butt too! Mom let me sew on the doll hair and stuff too. However I dont make dolls I make clothing now, but I miss helping mom. Now mom helps me when I get stuck on sewing stuff. So I could say I have known how to sew my whole life. I just haven’t done it full time till in more recent years.

My soap I got into just dabbling back in 2006. I wanted to make it so bad cause it sounded dangerous and I needed excitement in my life…When I first made soap I made soap balls LOL It was the easiest thing for me to make cause I rebatched the soap from base soap that I made. Then once I started selling more to my friends I knew I had to find an easier way and I did. So now you have the neat rectangle bars and pretty round shapes you see today!

Do you participate in art shows/guilds? Yes I do! I love doing art shows. I have done 2 this year, and hope to do more! So if your event in kentucky needs a soapmaker I will travel! Holla at me! 

Do you blog? Girl, you know I do!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream 🙂 You know its has to be chocolate and peanut butter. I take Breyers chocolate double churned ice cream cause its soft, and I mix in a HUGE spoon of natural peanut butter…OMG!

Any new or upcoming additions or projects in your shop? I have just started making lotion and I will be offering it in my shop this week! I can make any scent you like just like the body butter. It will be packaged in HDPE flip top bottles that are easy to squeeze to get the lotion out and will not leak during shipping if the lotion should get so hot it turns to liquid. My lotion is awesome, I am very proud of it.Its handmade from scratch as are all my products. No toxic ingredients, no animal ingredients. Pure and natural!

Thanks so much Libby!!

I have to say, I have purchased a lot of handmade soap at craft fairs and the like… always having high hopes… and almost always being disappointed in the lather or the scent.  NOT with soap from MayleesGarden.  Honestly… I loooove this soap.  She has sample packs if you want to try multiple scents and the samples are very generous… each lasting me 3-4 showers.  Be sure to check out both of her shops!  

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