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Life around here…

June 7, 2009


Things around the homestead have been busy the last few weeks.  We are in the setting (or planting) phase of the tobacco season… tomorrow will hopefully be our last full day.  It’s the easiest part of the process… but it’s long and repetitive.  My father in law drives the tractor, my husband and I sit on the back on the “setter” and we go through tray after tray of plants, row after row until the field is done.  I think when I tell friends and family that was out working on the farm all day they wonder if I’ve been abducted 🙂  I was never really a girl for outdoor activities.  Band camp was enough fresh air for me for the year.  I would much rather be inside listening to musical soundtracks in my room.  But… I’m really enjoying myself.  I love living on the farm… it has only gotten more beautiful since we’ve moved here. Never a dull sunset… 

We had about 9 (I think) of our friends and former students from Chicago come down this last weekend for a retreat.  It was great to see everyone again and to see just how they are growing (both in age b/c they are all practically men and women now and also in coming into their own as people).  We had a great time… only one emergency room visit (hey… we’re still Centerpoint… what youth group trip was complete without at least one injury?)… but best of all…  we were able to connect like no time had passed at all.  It is a rare gift to stay in touch with your students.  I know many youth pastors and I know very few who have the types of friendships with their students as we are lucky enough to have.)  They will always be our students (even when they have students of their own) but even better… they will always be our friends.  

We also recently joined our church… it’s been a long process for us to find a place to call home in that regard… but we are so thankful for our church and our friends there.  I recently started singing there and really enjoy it.  Kevin just got the chance to preach this morning… very symbolic to us as it is two years from the day of the last Sunday he preached in Chicago.  One of those moments we got to glance behind us and say “my goodness, how far we’ve been brought”.   So cool.  Kevin will be doing his “mentored ministry” (internship) through our church, and so today was the first part of that and I am thankful to say that it was amazing to watch my husband do what he was made to do. Teach. It was only made cooler b/c at one point I wondered if I ever wanted to step foot in another church again… honestly the idea of church and the mythos of Christian living had become very ugly to me.  I say all this to point to the redemption of today.  It was a good day. Like I said… one of those rare moments you are able to stop and glance behind and realize that the uphill climb has been worth the view. 

On the fiber front… I’m working with all sorts of good stuff… I’ve got some alpaca and merino that I’m working on blending (would be SO much easier if I had a carder… maybe that will next purchase…) I just got an amazing assortment of wool rovings that I’ll begin handpainting next week.  I’d like to get the majority of my dying of my yarns and rovings done this month so I can use July and August for knitting, crocheting and taking care of my shop and getting the odds and ends together for the show at Labor Day.   I’m so excited to get my stuff out there… but I’m thankful I still have more time to prepare.

So…. that is our life right now.  It’s busy, but overflowing with good things.

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