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Keeping up…

May 27, 2009

this week is going to be crazy.  ok… it’s wednesday… this week IS crazy.  We have a large group of friends from Chicago coming down this weekend and although I would like nothing better than shutting myself in a room with all my fibery goodies and working on new stuff for the shop… that will have to wait. 

In the meantime, I’ve gotten some amazing feedback on my shop (**shout out to Libby from Maylee’s Garden**).  I’m always nervous about feedback, but she had plenty of encouragement and good things to say too… and she’s sincerely kind… all of which helps as she helps me tweak things.  So… as for changes in my shop, I’ve tweaked my policies a bit.  I tweaked shipping a lot… even the daughter of postal carriers doesn’t know how much shipping costs… but I’ve adjusted the additional items shipping so it’s much lower for the customer, without putting me out any.  I’ve also set up shipping with and paypal which allows me to ship usps (reg mail) or ups.  So that’s awesome!  Also I’ve set some new policies on shipping internationally.  I sold some yarn to Singapore a couple months back and the shipping cost was more than I charged for the yarn!  So I raised my shipping slightly, but changed the policy to refund any overages so that the customer isn’t being punished for living outside of the states! 🙂  

Also, I’m starting to dye in bigger quantities.  As I’m getting ready for the show over Labor Day (which by the way.. did I mention I got my booth placement?!  I’m in a great location… I believe I’m just two booths down from the honeybee tent, always one of my favorite booths b/c they bring some of their bees and they sell fabulous local Kentucky honey. 🙂 anyway… as I’m getting ready I’m starting to dye larger lots and I think this will be good for my online shop as well.  

I just got another shipment of cotton boucle yarn and will begin to dye that up very soon.  I also just ordered a large order of rovings for dying.  I’ll be introducing my handpainted rovings soon (maybe today if I can squeeze it in).  I just dyed some up (with the help of guest artist Kristin Hecht… I gotta get this girl on etsy… she’s amazing) and they are awesome.  I can’t wait to do more… well… I can wait… I have to. 🙂

Anyway… that’s about it for my update.  It was going to be short, but I found this to be quite a good procrastination tool from the mountain of clothes that sit next to me waiting to be folded and put away!!  haha. 

More soon!  With pictures!

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