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Lights Out…

February 2, 2009

ice-pennax-topper-mediumWell, at least they were out.  The Bluegrass was afflicted with ice and snow this past week wiping out many a power line and much of the state’s power along with it. The power, thankfully, came back on Saturday afternoon.  We were blessed enough to have family that retained power.  

So now that we’re back home and getting back into routine (sorta… school’s still out so I have all three of the little guys home with me!)… I had to dye up some new yarns!  

I had recently purchased some very soft bamboo yarn and it was screaming at me to color it up!  So after quite intensive research on the good ol’ world wide… I started experimenting.  We’ll see later tonight what my experiment has turned into… 🙂  Hopefully something soft and squishy to knit with!!  I’ll post again when my results are in!


*** Update! *** I’m sorry, our internet has been down all morning and I haven’t been able to show you the new yarns!  

Here they are:  MidSummer Nights Dream and Little Mermaid….. 

dsc01415         dsc01420

I absolutely LOVED working with this yarn… it is so soft and took the color beautifully… plus bamboo is ecologically friendly as a highly renewable resource and it’s luxuriously soft!!  You just can’t lose with this yarn!! 

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  1. February 3, 2009 10:17 pm

    Glad your power is back on! Hopefully the weather will ease up soon. Can’t wait to see the new yarn!!

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