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Sometimes you just need a new stitch…

January 7, 2009

dsc01179Never lacking in personal reflection, I decided to tackle some personal fears in this new year.  I grew up a singer… I studied vocal performance in college and of all the performances I gave, the most challenging were the aria tests in vocal lessons.  They were like a mini-recital just for the professors and music directors.  There was no applause at the end of a piece… no accolade.  Maybe some critiques, if you were lucky a bolstering word of praise thrown in here and there, but mostly pencil scratching against paper.   I never knew how to stand… I’m sure my body language gave off my awkward nervousness.   

My entry into the artisan world has been very much the same for me emotionally.  I put my creations out there and wait… wait for a buyer… a word of encouragement and sometimes they come and sometimes they don’t.  I’ve been reading a lot about marketing and about how to put your work into the hands of those who will naturally appreciate it and it makes me just as nervous as first reading the music to a lovely Italian aria.  I know how to sing the music, but will my inflection make it something special?  Can I perform this piece in a way that somehow makes the music come alive?

Well, sometimes you need a new song… or in this case I needed to try something new.  I’ve knit now for the better part of 20 years.  But always very basic… gift hats, scarves… every now and again I would try something new, but I have long feared the cable stitch… it looked so intricate… but I’ve taken a new step for 2009!  I’ve mastered the basic cable stitch… there are still many other variations to try… but it’s a start… 🙂

Here’s to conquering new fears this year!

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