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My twenty-eighth year…

July 31, 2008


thanks, mom. 

Twenty eight years ago today my mother had her first child.  ta-da!   And here I sit, a pregnant mother of two (and a half) beautiful boys and wife to an amazing man and life is unwinding into quite a journey. 

As I said before… a new beginning starts today for me.  New choices… new emotions… new life.

And along with some of those things… a new expression of my creativity. 

I’m starting to be able to call myself an artist… slowly.  To me, actually identifying myself as an artist seems like something I have to earn.  Some people boldly throw it out there “I’m and artist!!”  “I’m creative!” and for me, it’s almost as brazen as saying to someone “I’m pretty!”.  I know that they are different… but to me, just as I wouldn’t go on and tell you how pretty I am… I wouldn’t come right out and say “hey I’m an artist!”.  But I’m getting there.  Not the pretty part… maybe we’ll see about that one for my 29th birthday (ha!)…. but the artist part.  I’m always trying new things… new avenues to get whatever sacred mess is going on inside me, out.  

My newest venture is etsy.  It’s an online shop for artisans.  Think ebay meets art show/craft fair.  

In my shop, Sarabee Designs, I’m selling my latest creations.  I’m hand-dying natural fiber yarns and making knitting notions.  A nanny of mine taught me how to knit 20 years ago (missy… if you ever read this… that 20 year remark is not to make you feel old!! I was only 8!! oh, and ps… THANK YOU!  Knitting has been a saving grace to me!).  I’m having the time of my life doing it!! 🙂  

You can check out my esty store from the link above or over in my links!  This craft blog will serve as a show of my thoughts, random pieces of my life thrown in, inspirations and works-in-progress all spun together in a hopefully understandable way! 

Here’s to a great birthday and the birth of new ideas!

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